Dear Hospitality Professionals,


As we work hard to re-open, we want to ensure that as responsible hospitality business operators, we are able to keep the public safe and ensure our businesses stay open.


We will continue to gather resources that keep us safe and open. To help you get started, take a look at our updates below.


Thank you,


The Independent Hospitality Coalition

#StaySafeStayOpen promotes best practices throughout the hospitality industry to keep the spread of COVID-19 cases down and businesses up and running. As responsible business operators, we can promote the health and safety of our guests while remaining profitable without risking another industry shutdown. We invite you to contact us with any feedback or questions and thank you for your commitment to your communities.


While we’re working on an online portal for IHC members to place orders from, we’ve compiled PPE providers we’ve been using and/or building relationships with for your immediate benefit.


Have providers you’re happy with? Please feel free to share them with us so we may review and share with our hospitality community at large.

BlueCut Aprons
Face masks: black or navy, water-repellant, woven cotton blend, 2 ply with adjustable elastic ear loops, branding options available.
Email info@bluecutaprons.com for special IHC mask pricing.
Web: bluecutaprons.com
Phone: 213-689-7772


Essential Supply
Face Masks and Face Shields
Web: weareessentialsupply.com
Phone: 310-658-7983


Individual Food Service (IFS)
Web: individualfoodservice.com
Phone: 323-981-2800


Chef’s Warehouse
Web: chefswarehouse.com


Web: kevidko.com
Phone: 855-538-4356


Santa Monica Plastics
Plexiglass Solutions
Web: santamonicaplastics.com
Phone: 310-403-2849


Solter Plastics
Plexiglass Solutions
Web: solterplastics.com
Phone: 310-473-5115


We’ve compiled a set of the most commonly placed signs so you don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt. Don’t see what you need? Have a nicer sign of your own? Email us!

Download Now


Don’t risk closure or losing permits! Check out this list of common guidelines from LA County Health that are NOT being followed.

Common guidelines from LA County Health NOT being followed


  • No face shields on employees interacting with guests.
  • Guests sitting or standing at the bar with no barrier between the bartender and the guests.
  • Lack of social distancing between tables inside AND outside.
  • Lack of social distancing while guests wait for tables.
  • Employees with masks pulled down to chin and not covering nose and mouths.



LA County Health Protocols that may evolve with the pandemic


  • Occupancy: At this time, occupancy is set at 60% of the establishment’s dining capacity. This does not include outdoor dining.
  • Contact Tracing: At this time, businesses are required to capture the name of every party in order to follow up with them for any contact tracing.
  • Face Shields: At this time, employees are required to wear face shields when interacting with guests that have removed their face masks to eat.
  • Gloves: At this time, gloves are required when clearing any items that were handled by the guest.
  • Self Service Areas: Self service areas for guests for items such as napkins, shared condiments etc. are not currently allowed to be in use at this time.


Our friends at ARROW UP have worked with hospitality businesses to create custom COVID-19 online safety guides to help train and maintain around new protocols.

How to Wash Your Hands

Safety is no accident, it’s built on a culture of training and follow-through. As a group of longtime restaurant operators, ARROW UP and the IHC have experienced first hand the positive effects of following safety Protocols and Guidelines from the experts.


Because it’s not always easy to communicate what’s expected of us, ARROW UP has created engaging online safety training that pairs with a custom training packet to help clearly digest and distribute these expectations to your team.


Questions? Visit arrowuptraining.com to learn more.


Take a look at what our friends are doing to educate and inform guests of what to expect with their updated dining guidelines.