Funds To Employ Restaurants To Feed Eldery


Bill: 20-0862
: In Support
Status: Ad Hoc Committee on COVID-19 Recovery and Neighborhood Investment scheduled item for committee meeting on October 21, 2020.


City Council instruct the Department of Aging, with assistance from the Housing and Community Investment Department, the City Administrative Officer, and the Chief Legislative Analyst, to report on the following:


  • Recommendations for a new Council led outreach and feeding program focused on LA’s seniors.
  • An analysis of funding and service delivery gaps related to food assistance and outreach.
  • A review of the Senior Meal Emergency Response Program, known as “Great Plates,” including a geographical breakdown of community participation with an emphasis on seniors in areas that requested assistance but received none.
  • Recommendations on improving restaurant participation and meal delivery within the “Great Plates” program.
  • A review of federal, state, county and non-profit assistance programs available to the City’s senior population.